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General Documents:


Company overview in PDF or MS Word formats

Location plans:

Route maps/information to help visitors to find our offices in:


Technical Notes:

Geophysical Logging for Tunnelling Investigations

A short, informative document on geophysical logging related to tunnelling investigations (PDF, MS-Word). Also available translated into French (PDF, MS-Word).


Tool Specification Sheets:


Choose a file (all are in PDF format) from the list below:

Composite file (all sondes grouped into in a single PDF file - 1.7Mb)

Individual sonde files:

Formation logging tools

  • Formation Density sonde: FDS
  • Density/Gamma sonde: TRS
  • Neutron-Neutron sonde: NNS
  • Full-wave Sonic sonde: FWS
  • Dual Induction sonde: DIL
  • LN/SN Resistivity/SP/SPR sonde: ELG
  • Microresistivity sonde: ULG
  • 3-Arm Caliper sonde: 3AC
  • Orientated 4-arm Caliper: 4AC
  • Spectral Gamma sonde: SGR

Fluid logging tools

  • Temperature Conductivity sonde: DTC
  • Impeller Flowmeter sonde: IFM
  • Heat-pulse Flowmeter sonde: HPF
  • Hydrochemistry sonde: IDR
  • Fluid Sampler: FST

Imaging tools

  • Borehole televiewer sonde: BHTV
  • Optical borehole imaging sonde: OBI

Miscellaneous tools

  • Borehole Deviation sonde: BDV
  • Video camera: TVC


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Borehole Geophysics


Core Scanning